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Determining how much and what kind of insurance to buy is one of the most important financial decisions that you will make. We advise that you contact us so that we conduct a comprehensive financial needs analysis, and walk you through the number of questions you need to consider to determine how much and what kind of insurance is right for you within your budget. All consultations are FREE.

There are many rating factors that determine the premium amount of your life insurance policy, such as your age, sex, health, the coverage amount, and the length of time that you need coverage. 

Most people qualify "Preferred" or "Standard." A few people will qualify "Super Preferred" if they are really healthy; and a rare few will get "Table rated" if they have a chronic condition that shortens their lifespan. The final rate would be determined by the insurance carrier during the underwriting process. If the insurance carrier offers a higher rating than expected, you can choose to purchase less coverage, a shorter duration, or opt out of getting life insurance altogether.