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Our Clients

If you are reading this page, you are our client, so welcome to the Soler Life Insurance Family!

Providing life insurance coverage to our clients is a privilege that we do not take for granted. Clients who purchase life insurance are special to us because they truly care about the people that they are providing for. Our clients are people who have financial goals for their family, such as saving for retirement, paying off a home loan, traveling, providing their children with a great education, starting or developing a business, etc. They purchase life insurance to protect those goals, and assure their family will reach those goals even if they were to pass away. They know that without their income and their efforts their family would not achieve those financial goals. 

Our clients are:

  • Husbands and Wives
  • Newlyweds
  • Parents
  • Empty Nesters and Retirees
  • Business Owners
  • Executives and Managers
  • Foreign Nationals
  • High Net Worth Individuals

If you currently have life insurance, we would love to review your current coverage. There are ways of transferring your current cash values into newer life insurance products with lower costs, and higher interest rates. You are not a slave to your current life policy, especially if the policy has failed to meet your expectations. Don't assume that your current life policy is performing well. It doesn't cost you anything to email us your current policy for us to compare it with our multiple insurance carriers to see if there is something better for you. 

If you were previously declined by a life insurance carrier or table rated for whatever reason, please do not assume that all carriers have the same underwriting guidelines. We specialize in this area. Company ABC may have declined you for a heart condition, but Company XYZ will gladly insure you with fair rates.

Please contact us at [email protected]